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Tuesday Teasers~!

Welcome back to the Tuesday Tease~!
Next week I begin reader appreciation month in which I give
away prizes each Tuesday because you are beyond awesome and deserve
Toxic Part Two news~! My editor is still
hacking through that thicket but once it reverts to me it’s on baby. I’m taking
that book to task, working 24/7 until I crush it under my heel, I mean until it
sings to me and then I will graciously pass it on to you~! In the meanwhile I
managed to pretty up SOMEONE TO LOVE and will swap it out with T2 once she’s
through. Honestly, my personal goal was to get T2 out to you by Halloween, so “boo”
for me. Sorry about that. On the upside, each day it’s closer to completion.
Enjoy the teasers~!
TOXIC Part Two (Celestra Series Book 7.5)
(Chloe, Gage, Ellis, Skyla)
“It’s our senior year. This is it, the big one.” She slits
her eyes over to Gage’s crotch when she says “the big one” and I suck in a
quick breath at the audacity. “Then it all ends,” she whispers, “and everyone
goes their separate ways.”
“We’ll always have Paragon.” Ellis picks up a stick and
stokes the fire. “Half of us will probably never leave.”
*(Skyla and Marshall)
“Fine, I’ll go to Ezrina myself.” I take Marshall in with
all of his physical perfection, feel his glorious vibrations of love pulsate
through me, and wonder how I ever got so lucky that a celestial king such as
himself should ever pay me any attention.
“My, my—pouring it on a little thick, are we?” He purrs,
lapping up the stroke to his ego.
“Did it work?”
“Maybe,” he steals a quick kiss before pulling away. “What
the heck. Let’s get this party started.” He snaps his fingers and we disappear.
(Wesley to Skyla after she threatens to rip his balls off in
the Tenebrous Woods)
“I wasn’t kissing you.” Wesley twitches his brow the same
way Gage does. It makes me wonder if Dr. Oliver had made a genetic deposit to
some long gone girlfriend before he married Emma. “You’re beautiful, Skyla,” he
whispers, “but my heart belongs somewhere else.” He tilts into me. “I was going
say thank you for trusting that I wouldn’t hurt you.” He offers a bastardized
version of a sarcastic smile. “And I won’t.”
*New adult contemporary romance
(Kendall talking to her friends about Cruise)
“I asked him to instruct me in his wicked
ways.” A devious smile plays on my lips but I won’t give it. “I told him I wanted to be just as sleazy as he is when I grow up and asked him to teach me the
tricks of the trade.”
“Which consists of?” Lauren seems
nonplused by my ability to enlist Cruise as my personal portal to promiscuity.
“I don’t know. It’s like my mouth started
moving without my permission and before I knew it I was asking him to lead me
through the deep dark forest of debauchery. The truth is, I sort of wanted to,
you know, be with him but I was too shy and embarrassed by the fact I’ve never
been with anyone before.” I shrug as though what just flew from my lips was
morally sane. “I believe I referred to it as a social experiment.”
***Have a safe and Happy Halloween tomorrow! And to my East Coast family of readers, please stay safe and warm!  
Feel free to comment, I love to chat!
shannara pavlic says October 30, 2012

Arrrgggh toxic part 2!!! Slowly drifting into insanity 🙂

kcasanova88 says October 30, 2012

Can't wait for the books that are on their way. Toxic part one was awesome. I love your books.

CeeMarieXD says October 30, 2012

Omg can't wait for T2, soo excited.LOL. I just finished Ephemeral and now I can't wait for book 2. So many great books coming out I think I might die from the anticipation.

CeeMarieXD says October 30, 2012

And omg I wonder when Laken will meet Skyla, or if she ever will. So much going on in this book! Also wanted to say thank you Addison for your warm thoughts for us on the East. That storm was crazy last night, all public transportation is suspended.

Jami Freed says October 30, 2012

Uggg. I can't wait for the series to come out it sounds so tasty. I've had a really rough week. my surgery last week was a lot rougher than we anticipated. and the recovery was horrible. I planned on spending a night or two in the hospital lost in paragon. my body had other plans. in and out of conciousness, reaction after reaction. and finally one of my 6 incisions bursting open.. :'( so now that all that's past, I'm happy to say I'm home in time for Halloween with my girls. healthy and on the road to recovery. I'm excited that now I can finally read Toxic pt 1!!! My husband says that i was determined I was going to read this book last week, as I was in an out of it. the nurses had to convince me it would be there when I woke up and I just needed to sleep.. lol. yup your books are just that good!!

ronnie211797 says October 30, 2012

I agree with Jami I love your books, and I can't wait for Toxic 2. I have been driving myself crazy trying to find something else to keep my attention until T2's release. I'm just sitting here trying not to pull my hair out.

Belinda Crawford says October 31, 2012

love your books!!! I love the way you bring us into the story..almost feel like I'm there with them. My heart just broke for Logan & Skyla & Gage at the end of T1.. Cannot wait for T2! Marshall just cracks me up. Just read Ephemeral & I am even more eager for the rest of the story from both sides!

Belinda Crawford says October 31, 2012

love your books!!! I love the way you bring us into the story..almost feel like I'm there with them. My heart just broke for Logan & Skyla & Gage at the end of T1.. Cannot wait for T2! Marshall just cracks me up. Just read Ephemeral & I am even more eager for the rest of the story from both sides!

Belinda Crawford says October 31, 2012

love your books!!! I love the way you bring us into the story..almost feel like I'm there with them. My heart just broke for Logan & Skyla & Gage at the end of T1.. Cannot wait for T2! Marshall just cracks me up. Just read Ephemeral & I am even more eager for the rest of the story from both sides!

Belinda Crawford says October 31, 2012

love your books!!! I love the way you bring us into the story..almost feel like I'm there with them. My heart just broke for Logan & Skyla & Gage at the end of T1.. Cannot wait for T2! Marshall just cracks me up. Just read Ephemeral & I am even more eager for the rest of the story from both sides!

AddisonMoore says October 31, 2012

shannara pavlic – lol! Me, too from not being able to dive into final edits. I'll be beyond happy once it lands in my inbox.

kcasanova88 – Thank you~! And I'm so glad you enjoyed T1! I can't wait to get the rest of the story to you~!

CeeMarieXD – I'm so happy you enjoyed EPHEMERAL~! I have EVANESCENT outlined so it should go quickly. I anticipate an early 2013 release for that one! I'll give you a special heads up, yes, Laken and Skyla will meet up again one day. 🙂 And I'm so glad you are all right after that storm! My thoughts and prayers are with you guys. Please continue to stay safe.

Jami Freed – Jami!! I'm so sorry you had a hard time! But I am thrilled you get to be home in time to spend Halloween with your girls. I hope you feel 100% better very,very soon! I'm so flattered that you wanted on Paragon in the midst of your ordeal. LOL, about the nurses! I wonder if they've ever had to talk a patient out of reading a book before! Thank you for humbling me so completely. (hugs)

ronnie211797 – Thank you, Ronnie~! I can't wait to get T2 out because I really do want TOXIC to read in its entirety. It's all my fault for penning a monster. 😉 But those words just demanded to come out.

Belinda Crawford – Aw, thank you! And that was just the middle of the book. T2 does have a rather dramatic conclusion but there is a book after that. I hope you'll enjoy both of those as well. 🙂 EVANESCENT will have 3 POV's if the boys behave, and that should be fun to write.

Nancy Rodriguez says October 31, 2012

I cant wait to read T2..I am on edge and hoping that she ends up with gage!!! I love all your books and can wait for all the new books that are coming. Its rough here in CT and the rest of the east coast thanks for asking. My heart and prayers go out to all those who are impacted by Sandy, but we r strong and will rise again!!

Cant wait for next teaser for T2!!!!
PS: Hope chloe disappears in this book…for good!

AddisonMoore says November 1, 2012

Nancy Rodriguez – Oh Nancy! I really hope you have power and enough basic supplies to get through this. I wish you and your family the best. This is really tough. As for the books I'll be penning the last book soon, actually I've already started but most of it will get done in December and I'll hopefully have it out in early 2013. I do want to have book one of Skyla's new series ready to go as well. I'm super excited about that one~!

MagentaCR says November 1, 2012

Impatiently waits for T2. What's the word on Etheral knights as well? You said you were gonna try to bring that out the same time as t2, is that ready to go or is that in the long queue waiting fr your editor?
Can't wait for Evanescent either, just finished reading Ephemeral. I wasn't sure whether to read it or not, but the teaser at the end of Toxic enticed me, and then I was hooked. Theres no doubt what team i am on this one, Team Cooper all the way!
Oh. and regarding CeeMarieXD's comment about Skyla and Laken meeting, they kinda already have in Vex. I had to go back and check it, but Laken was the first one she helped Ezrina put in a tube during her stint down there. Tbh i was surprised she didnt remember when Wesley showed her Laken… would have made an excellent barb for her to tell him she was dead. But then maybe that would complicate things to much, maybe her lack of memory was for the best.

shannara pavlic says November 1, 2012

If only you did every day teasers!! Although if that was the case i'd wish it was every hour!! I hate that I read fast, if only writing was as easy as thinking up the story and then it was on paper! Done, edited and in my hands! I'd love life all the more 🙂

Amy says November 2, 2012

No biggie that you didn't make Halloween with T2, I'm just thrilled that we don't have to wait a year or more in between books! 🙂

I remember that too when MagentaCR mentioned above about Skyla putting Laken in the tube when she was stuck helping Ezrina. After reading Ephemeral, that scene became a pretty sad one. 🙁

Ha! I was wondering the same thing about Wesley and if he was somehow related to Gage. I think Cooper is a sweetheart, but I am still holding out hope for Wesley that there is some good in him and he is not all bad. I can't wait to see what you have for us in T2 and Evanescent!

AddisonMoore says November 2, 2012

MagentaCR – Yes! EK is still in the editing line up. It's all on my poor editor to sift through, lol! This is the order of the books so far. T2 (Which I get back on Monday!!!! No rest for me next week.) Someone To Love then Ethereal Knights (almost at the same time) Then my adult contemporary The Good Year.They're all just waiting for her pretty little eyes. I'm STILL hopeful that all will push out by Christmas. I'm SUPER excited to give you Ethereal Knights. I'm not kidding when I say I had the most fun ever penning that.

Evanescent and the final Celestra book will be penned in December. And yes, Skyla is having a hard time placing Laken but she will. 😉 I have such plans for Laken and Skyla, much further down the road…

AddisonMoore says November 2, 2012

shannara pavlic – Oh my gosh you are the sweetest! It could work like that but oh the poor things you would read, lol!

AddisonMoore says November 2, 2012

Amy – I just spoke with editor today (who is also named Amy) and I'll have T2 back in my hands on Monday~! (Hallelujah choir sings) I won't rest until its out there so I'm gearing up for that. As for Laken and Skyla their paths will cross quite a bit in the distant future. It's really not as ominous as it sounds. it's fun! And Wes, well you won't believe why he looks the way he does. I can't wait to share all of those details with you! The Counts is looking like its shaping up to be a trilogy (hopes) And I'm thinking I'm going to try and pen those last two books very close together. The characters from the Countenance and Celesta will come together in the series that follows Celestra. 🙂

Hope says November 2, 2012

Ok so I'm new to this whole "chatting" thing, but I am such a HUGE fan of the Celestra Series that I just had to comment. Can't wait for T2 to be released, but I'm almost scared to read it because of the potential surprise/cliff hanger ending(which btw, Addison, you are sooo good at!). If these heart stopping endings didn't seem to involve Gage AT ALL, then I would probably not be so proned to freaking out. Obviously, I am 100% TEAM GAGE! I love that boy! Haha! Anyway, thank you Addison for allowing us to join you in these amazing worlds you have created. Can't wait to read ALL of your upcoming books (Have already started Ephemeral and I can tell it's going to be just as great as the Celestra Series) 🙂

Autumn Gifford says November 2, 2012

Addison I gotta say I'm in love with your books as well as Logan and Marshall (they're my favorites.) But I also have to know when you think the T.V series if they will or what website will be showing the episodes be coming out as well because I am jumping up and down just wondering what Marshall and Logan would look like and what Skyla, Ezerina, Chloe, and her moms would look like as well. I just have to watch them soon or read the next part of Toxic soon because i cannot stop reading or wondering about the characters and how it turns out especially with Logan and Marshall because that has me all confused. I just really love your books and look forward to the episodes and 2nd part of Toxic.

Amy says November 3, 2012

Knowing the twists you tend to throw into the story, there is no way the whole Gage/Wes thing is as simple as Baron having knocked some woman up. Or maybe it is with just a crazy twist. Crap, all I know is this is gonna be good!

A Count trilogy and then a new Celestra/Counts series?!? Can you say Celestragasm?? Lol, sorry but I couldn't resist. It's been one of those days and we haven't exactly been mincing words around here! Thanks for all the updates busy lady!

shannon gailey says November 3, 2012

I am a new fan of yours. But have very quickly become a HUGE fan. I love your work your celestra series is amazing. I am patiently waiting for T2 (ok so I'm lying I am impatiently waiting) just really love your work

AddisonMoore says November 3, 2012

Hope – Hi Hope! I'm so glad you stopped by! And I'm thrilled and thankful you're enjoying the books! Yes, TOXIC 2 has a rather, well, TOXIC ending. I won't lie it was the toughest to write so far, but there is one more book after this and that's always a ray of hope in the face of a tough ending. 😉 I hope you enjoy EPHEMERAL!!! Please stop in again and let me know what you think! I really love Laken. I hope you'll have fun in her world even if she does seem to have a hard time there. Happy reading~!

AddisonMoore says November 3, 2012

Autumn Gifford – Hi Autumn! Yay, for loving the books! That makes me squeal. 🙂 I have no news on the TV front. I know its a slow process. But I think I should do some investigating since I haven't poked around in a while. I'm hoping for all good things! I can't wait to share the rest of TOXIC with you! Thank you for reading!!

AddisonMoore says November 3, 2012

Amy – You're right about it not being simple, lol! But its exciting for strange reasons. And lol about the celestragasm!!!! Honest to God, funniest thing ever!! You are beyond brilliant for coining the phrase. It will be fun to have their worlds unite.

AddisonMoore says November 3, 2012

shannon gailey – Hi Shannon~! Thank you. I'm humbled to have a reader let alone a fan. *blushes*

T2 is back in my hands on Monday!!! I'm so ready to dive in head first and tear that book apart until its perfect just for you. Its a little bigger than part one and together they are just a beast but I always said I would let Celestra end naturally and I will. There's still one more book after TOXIC 2. Thank you so much for reading and for popping in! 🙂

Autumn Gifford says November 4, 2012

Well i guess it's nice to know that it might take a while for the T.V series to come out. But it's also really nice to know that toxic part two is coming out soon because i really want to know what happens that night when Marshall and Skyla have a dinner date that turns into a love fest. I just can't wait to read it and thank you for replying to my comment.

Larissa Falk says November 5, 2012

I'm so tired of waiting for t2 its taking to long I'm so sucked in I'm also waiting for the next count book I love that to please hurry I'm out of thing to read.

AddisonMoore says November 5, 2012

Autumn Gifford – You're so welcome!

Larissa Falk – Gah! I know! I'm shaking it out of my editor tomorrow. I'll be cruising through it all week until it's ready to give to you I promise! 🙂

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