Skyla Goes To Hollywood Part Two… – Addison Moore

Skyla Goes To Hollywood Part Two…

Well it finally happened! My fab agent Rachelle Gardner
arranged for a meeting with the wonderful Suzanne Jaskow of Unsupervised
productions last week and we had a fantastic time!!!
First, I had never been to the Fox studio lot before so
already I knew I was in for an adventure. The lot was huge and gorgeous. There were beautiful wall murals on the sides of the studio buildings, gorgeous topiaries at every
turn, and the entire lot had an old Hollywood feel.
The day went something like this: meet Rachelle at the mall.
Fun, right? Head over to Fox together. Trek across miles of what feels very
much like a college campus. Locate the awesome office
of my wonderful producers and find the wonderful, amazing, Suzanne! Head over to the caf for a lunch of
salads and diet coke. Zip my lips so nothing ridiculous has the chance to escape.
Mostly listen, but interject when extremely necessary and enjoy a heavenly conversation
of all things film, movies, and TV!
What about Celestra? We touched on that, too. Right this minute the
project is with a writer who is working to convert it into a pilot!!! Exciting,
right? Evidently these things take time, lots of time, but that’s perfectly
fine with me. I’ve got all the time in the world, and I’d love to see it happen.
We talked a little further about the project and potential sales
channels were mentioned such as CW and MTV. <—–
Pretty awesome, right?
After lunch, Rachelle and I walked around the lot for a
while and even paid a visit to the gift shop where I splurged on a 20th
Century Fox coffee mug that I’ve been using religiously ever since. 😉
Fun Times. 
Book updates! I’ve finally concluded my endless polishing
marathon of EPHEMRAL and am ready send it off to the editor and betas this
week! *breathes *
Also in the back of EPHEMRAL I’ll be debuting a new series that
is not even remotely Celestra related and I’m super happy about that. I
was thirsting for a book that I could unleash my inner snark on and I think
I’ve found it. *hopes*  I cannot
wait to share Talon and Levi with you, also Vampires are involved. An insanely good
time is being had by me and my keyboard.
As for Celestra, I am now all about TOXIC Book
7 and am 1000% committed to walking Skyla and friends to the e-book store later
this summer. I’m planning to dedicate every hour in June shaking, scraping, polishing
that book until it glows in the dark. Hopefully by the end of the month I’ll be
ready to send it off for edits. It’s a long book but I’m ready for the
As soon as I hit publish on TOXIC, I’ll be penning book 8
and once that’s done, I’m jumping right into the new series with Skyla. I hope
you’ll join me. This wild ride is not nearly over. 
Have any burning questions? I'll be glad to answer if I can.    
Mila Deguzman says May 29, 2012

Yayy! I'm so excited, I can't wait! 😀 I hope Toxic is published before mid-July.

Nick & Tamie says May 29, 2012

Question: why do they have to get a writer to re right your amazing plot. Wouldn't the best thing to do to be create 30min to 60min episodes using each chapter of your books as an episode. This way the ppl who read your books won't feel cheated like we did with Harry potter and twilight as so much was missed/left out that you don't get the full effect.

Kristy says May 29, 2012

Keep those books coming Addison! Love your work!!

Gin Bryant says May 29, 2012

That's so awesome, glad you had fun! So excited for Toxic & Ephemeral – and another Addison Moore series?! You've made my day!

heather peiffer says May 29, 2012

You are one busy lady! First, I want to say how excited I am about Toxic!!! I'm dying to know what happens! Second, I'm so happy that there will be an 8th book, and even more Skyla (hopefully Gage too!) in another series. Finally, I know I'm going to be addicted to Ephemral because of the teasers, so please keep them comming!! Do you know if you will have any say when it comes to picking the actors for the series? I would love to see what you think they should look like…Thanks so much for all your hard work, and being kind to all of your fans!! your awesome:)

The Chameleon says May 29, 2012

Ah-may-zing. So stinkin awesome, Allison! Congrats! I know I, and your other readers I'm sure, will be extremely excited to read about this Fox adventure with you!

I can't wait to spend more time with Skyla and friends. …patience is a virtue and I really wish I was one of the few gifted with it, but unfortunately it looks like it may be a month or two more of squirming in anticipation of Toxic!

Heather says May 29, 2012

Wait. What? New series with Skyla? And let's be honest, A. If Toxic wasn't long I think we'd all be a little stunned and might force you back to the computer. 😉

I have been WAITING for this blog post! So glad you had such a great time and there's already a writer for a pilot?! How exciting!

Unknown says May 29, 2012

Congratulations, Addison!! That is soooo exciting, and for me too!!! I feel so honored as your fan. I really hope that Fox does Celestra justice. <3

ClovisSassyGirl says May 29, 2012

Congrats 🙂 I am so excited to see what they do with the series. I have told everyone about these books 🙂 Can't wait to watch them blow up on TV then I can say told ya so! ;p

ClovisSassyGirl says May 29, 2012

Shiz man! I forgot my ?'s! Hot Dog!!! I want to know and I have been dying to ask you this for a LONG time: Who do you see as the "characters"??? I know you once said Chloe would be a young Crawford so who else??? And does Talon and Levi's book have a Name? I'm stoked about that biz 2 :)Wooo-Uoooooooo!

ClovisSassyGirl says May 29, 2012

Snap!! 4got anotha ? shiz-nit, okay so the big finale ? Does this mean that book 8 is going to be said last book for Celestra? Girly I hope you answer this one 🙂 ♥ if you can't though… still.

Amy says May 30, 2012

Soooo excited for you, Addison! That is awesome. The books will always be my first love for the Celestra franchise, but it will be great to see it on screen as well. Will you have any input as far as the script for the episodes? That would seem to be important.

Another series apart from Ephemeral? I am giddy! Now I don't have to worry about Addison-reading withdrawals any time in the near future. 😉

Thanks for the teasers on FB. I am on a self-imposed break from all things FB, but I can still read your page and get my Celestra fix without having to sign in, lol. Today's teasers were great. Still loving my Gage, but Logan is such a close second. I'm REALLY looking forward to this summer!!

AddisonMoore says May 31, 2012

Mila Deguzman – Thank you! I'm pretty excited, too. I'll have an update on the status of TOXIC end of June-ish and hopefully it will be more than close to ready! 🙂

Nick & Tamie – Oh I SO wish! I have millions of chapters, lol! It will be interesting to see how they work it. I'm hoping to get to speak with the writer. <–Irony.

Kristy – Thank you so much! I'll keep them coming.

Gin Bryant – Yes, three! Ack! I think that's a good chunk to bite off. I'm having a blast, though.

heather peiffer – Thank you Heather! I don't know if I'll have a say or even get to see the actors audition but I would love to be a fly on the wall. Thank you for the kind words about my books! I can't wait to share the two new ones with you! Hope you'll enjoy them!

AddisonMoore says May 31, 2012

The Chameleon – I really do wish I could speed up edits! I'm pretty much done with EPHEMERAL though. Book 7 is 100% written but in a desperate need of a spit shine. 😉 *shines faster*

Heather – Yes, Skyla! I'm moving on with her. I figured 8 is what I needed at minimum to tie up these story lines and expose the end of the love story but after that I'm moving on with her. 😉 My feet are firmly rooted on Paragon.

Unknown – Thank you! I'm super psyched! Crossing my fingers it all pans out. And always excited to see what tomorrow will bring.

ClovisSassyGirl – Wow, thank you for the shout outs to your friends! I really cannot thank you enough for that. And as for the characters to actors, I'm so lousy at that! I think that I see them so clearly in my head that every actor looks a little off. Does that make sense? I'm sure whoever they pick will be great. If it gets to that point I'll ask kindly to be on set.
Talon and Levi's book does have a name! And I think I'm going to do a big announcement with a placeholder cover. I'll give you a hint, it has the word Vampire in it. 😉 As far as book 8, yup, that's the end for Celestra. That's the only book not written yet and makes me want to cry just thinking about it. But I'll be moving Skyla to a different series and I'll start that one up right away. The story arcs for the new series run much different than Celestra so it might have a different feel. I can't believe we're talking about the end of Celestra. *sigh* It will go on but it will be very different. Can't wait to share it all with you!

Brandy says May 31, 2012

Wow Addison… you my dear are a busy lady! Congrats! ! I only hope that they can portray on tv what you have set in my head!
A new Skyla series?? SQUEEEE!! So very excited! Talon and Levi. Love the names~makes my heart flutter at the thought. I do love vampires and am very excited to see how you portray them. Ill pass the word on to all about the new stories coming up to all my now Addison addicted friends. As for me.. You have a fan for life! Love ya girl!!!!

kam110476 says May 31, 2012

So I'm a tad confused…is Ephemeral coming out before Toxic?

After Ephemeral THEN you're starting the new snarky non-Celestra book(s) AND/OR you'll be doing both at the same time?

AND you're going to do a news series that's non-Celestra but will have Skyla in it?

Did I miss some blog or something somewhere?

AddisonMoore says June 1, 2012

Brandy – Thank you so much for your awesome support! I'm really excited about the two new series and about taking Skyla to another series once Book 8 concludes. 🙂

kam110476 – I think you got it right. Once Celestra ends I'm moving Skyla to another series. It will be different but familiar. The love triangle and faction war will conclude with Celestra. EPHEMERAL will come out before TOXIC. And the new series with Talon and Levi is about Vampires, and isn't due out until much later this year. Hope that helps! I haven't announced anything on my blog but have mentioned it several times on Facebook. My fault, I should do an official post for each. Thanx for reading Kam~! 🙂

Rachelle says June 1, 2012

Super fun post! It was amazing, wasn't it? What a great day. You gotta send me the pictures.

Amy says June 1, 2012

I just read chapter 1 of Ephemeral over at the Bookish Brunette, and…

Wow. Just wow. I'm officially sucked in to the Ephemeral series, and it's not even out yet! I have so many questions just from that chapter alone, but I'll be a good girl, muster up all my patience and wait for the book rather than firing questions off like I'm obsessed. Okay, I am obsessed but that's beside the point. 😉

Reading YA paranormals gives me a way to escape the daily stress from my job, so thanks for creating stories that pull me in and let me lose myself for a while!

AddisonMoore says June 1, 2012

Rachelle! Yes, it was more than a blast!! I shall send pics soonish!

AddisonMoore says June 1, 2012

Amy- I'm so very happy you're already enjoying EPHEMERAL! Hopefully you won't have to muster too much patience and I'll have it out soon enough. I can't wait to get it to you! And, obsessions are good for you, right? 😉

And I totally know what you mean by escaping. Writing has the very same effect on me.

Bleu says June 7, 2012

Hi Addison my name is Bléu and I picked up the first Celstra book 3 weeks ago. I find my self reaching for my kindle app to check in on Skyla alass I finished the last book 4 days ago :(. So I wait and sigh. Maximum (James Patterson) will have to fill the gap. So advice time. Stay away from MTV they wanted to chop twilight into an unrecognizable movie from what the author penned. That is why they did not get the franchise. I agree with other bloggers that most books turned celiod are altered it is because so much of the target audience has not read one word of the series. The only books i have ever read that were adapted brilliantly were swashank redemeption and the green mile. Both written by the same author and adapted to film by the same screen writer. So heed some very sound advice from your very own etheral plane " trust your heart" if what they give you to screen doesn't Wrap your soul in a warm hug pass. The right adaptation ill come. Can't wait to turn the cover on Toxic. Ttyl Bléu

AddisonMoore says June 7, 2012

Bleu – Yes! Thank you for the warning. I really do hope I'll have some say. It seems so very distant and out of my hands but I'm honored that they'd even consider my series. I think it would be great if I could be hands on. Meeting one of the producers was a huge step in that direction. She was so wonderful!

Have you had a chance to catch up on the teasers for book 7 yet? Here's the link to my FB page where they are floating around in number. I hope you'll join me! 🙂

Thank you so very much for reading~!

Lauren Rose says June 7, 2012

So happy to hear about all this! I love the books and I bet the TV programme will be awesome! When you get to the stage for casting let us know! Have defiantly got my eye on Skyla- she's so cool 😛 So don't keep us in the dark about that 🙂 Love Lauren xx

Twilight Lover says July 4, 2012

Do is the celestra series for sure going to be a series or is it just a big maybe?? That would be soooo cool if did become one! Your stories are so amazing… A whole new twist on love triangle, so many unexpected twists and turns I'm NEVER disappointed!!!

MsNyny says July 30, 2012

Im so excited for the Celestra stories to become a tv series!! Omg I cant stop myself from being so excited just by thinking theres a chance ill get to see the series in CW thats awesome!! Im crossing my fingers**

AnnaRose13 says October 13, 2012

When will they be casting people or showing the trailer xxx so excited xxxx

AddisonMoore says October 14, 2012

Lauren Rose – (Months later, sorry about that!) If I do hear anything about casting I'll post to the blog ASAP! Last I heard it was still in the writing phase.

Twilight Lover – Fox purchased the rights so it's entirely up to them as to what they want to do with it. I'm hoping all good things~!

MsNyny – They did mention that CW was one of the stations they were looking at! *crosses fingers*

AnnaRose13 – I don't have any idea. I keep meaning to talk to them again. I'm hoping I'll hear good news. But if I do hear news, for sure I will post it to the blog~! 🙂

Breinhardt says October 19, 2012

So this may have been asked and answered but I am just curious to know is book 8 really part two of book 7? And are you doing a whole new series on Skyla? I am new to your books (already caught up lol) and am really dying to know if my sweet excitement will be over soon 🙁

AddisonMoore says October 19, 2012

Breinhardt – I'm super happy that you found the books! TOXIC has two books Part One and PartTwo. I might label them 7 &7.5 to reduce the confusion. Book 8 will be the last. It's the conclusion to the series. Once Celestra is through I'm moving Skyla to a new series. It will be very similar but no love triangle. So don't worry your sweet excitement one bit~! I think you'll be surprised to see the turn the series takes. I hope you'll enjoy that journey as well. I like Paragon too much to ever leave. 😉 I've put down roots and I'm staying.

Lisa Schwalbach says September 26, 2014

I hate whoever is making this blog i am still waiting for it to come on tv yet, Hello anyone notice this is a scam. I was so exited to watch it but nothing has come out. she said there would be a tv series for the past 2 years there should be a couple of seasons by now. but nothing is happening. I am so sick of these lies you should only say there wiould be one if there actully would. now u got evryones hope up

Sydney Brinae says April 18, 2015

When is the series coming out and what channel will it be on?

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