Skyla goes to HOLLYWOOD!!! – Addison Moore

Skyla goes to HOLLYWOOD!!!

*Update* The option has expired but the series is being shopped again. I'm hoping for all good things! 


I am so honored and thrilled to announce that 20th CENTURY FOX has optioned FILM RIGHTS to the Celestra Series with the intent of turning it into a TV SERIES!!!!!!
In July, I received a call from my literary agent, extraordinaire, Rachelle Gardner who informed me that 20th Century Fox was interested in FILM RIGHTS!!! I was completely blown away. Rachelle quickly procured highly coveted film agent Joel Gotler (I LOVE that man!) who handled all the details and made sure my fairytale came true.
Guess what?
There’s more!
–>Oscar, Emmy, Golden Globe award winning, Executive Producer Stephen Gaghan of SYRIANA and TRAFFIC fame is championing the project!!!<— AMAZING, right?!!!!
I’m so glad that after many, many months of celebrating in silence, and happy dancing in the dark, I’m able to share this great news with you.
So, on behalf of Skyla, Logan, and Gage, well, OK, Marshall, too, thank you for reading and sharing in this happy, happy news.  
Heather M White says January 16, 2012

Oh my gosh! Does happy dance!


Sarra Cannon says January 16, 2012

CONGRATS!! This is just amazing news, and I am so incredibly happy for you!!!

Angela Carlie says January 16, 2012

There are no words to exclaim how excited I am for you! This is AWESOME!

Laura Pauling says January 16, 2012

I stayed up just for this! Can't wait to see my fav characters on the screen! Yay! I'm so happy for you!

- says January 16, 2012

Congratulations! I'm so happy for you! The Celestra series is perfect for tv, as a film or even a series of films would not do the books justice.

K.C. King says January 16, 2012

Tweeted my excitement already, but I'm positively giddy for you! Well done, lovely! You're an inspiration to us all. Can't wait to see it on screen!

Ally says January 16, 2012

AHHH, congratulations! I'm so excited!! I know what I'll be watching on tv soon, lol. =)
I hope that they do an amazing job on the series… I'm anticipating actor/actress choices the most, hehe.

RaShelle Workman says January 16, 2012

Addison, I'm so happy for you. Whoot!!!

Autumn Dickinson says January 16, 2012

That is truly amazing news! Congrats!!

Logan Rutherford says January 16, 2012

Hahaha! YES! I totally called it! I cannot wait to hear more news about it! This is so cool! You published Ethereal, an less than a year later, you sell the movie rights! Way to go, Addison!

Mary Khoshi says January 16, 2012

Congrats again; I have already Tweeted, and Facebooked my excitment, but its just too big!!! Thanks for sharing this incredible news with us… I have already said this to you, but I'd love to say it again: you are a beautiful writer, and the fact that, with a busy schedule, you take the time to share, post and answer every Tweet, every FB comment says a lot about your persona… Skyla going to Hollywood is well deserved!!!! Im doing the happy dance with you!!! :)))

haleyeliseread says January 16, 2012

Congrats hun that is AMAZING news!!! πŸ˜€

J.A. Templeton says January 16, 2012

INCREDIBLE news, Addison! You must be walking on air. Congratulations to you!!!

Logan Rutherford says January 16, 2012

Did I say movie rights? I ment TV Rights. My fingers typed something different from what my brain saw. Hahaha. Anyways, congrats!

Brandon Alston says January 16, 2012

Wow! Amazing news!

lisanowak says January 16, 2012

That's amazing, Addison. Congratulations!

ShawnaLeAnn says January 16, 2012

Holy moly!!! This is SOOOOOO freaking amazing! Congratulations this is so big!! I can't wait to watch this sucker! [:


Heather says January 16, 2012

WhooHoo!!! This is so fantastic! Girl I can't tell you how happy I am for you. πŸ™‚

Jaclyn Beith says January 16, 2012

That Is amazing! Love it and congrats!

darkrose says January 16, 2012

Huge, massive, enormous congratulations! Wow, that is just amazing πŸ™‚

Konstanz Silverbow says January 16, 2012

Congrats! That's awesome. And I can't wait for it!

AddisonMoore says January 16, 2012

Heather M White – Totally happy dancing! TY for joining in! =)

Sarra Cannon – Thanks Sarra! I'm sooo happy that I can finally share. And thanx for the twitter luv.

Angela Carlie – Thanks girl!!!! It's been a while but I'm still in shock if you can believe it, lol!

Laura Pauling – TY! I felt so bad for hinting for months. Thank you for always being so patient. =)

said… – Aw, that's so nice of you to say. Honestly I'm just so thrilled they'd even consider it. Thank you for the kind sentiments about my books!

AddisonMoore says January 16, 2012

K.C. King – Thanx and thanx for tweeting! I'm just so thrilled to be able to share. Writing is such a lonely effort- it's nice to have writers and readers to share the journey with.

Ally – I know, right? My head has been wrapped around all kinds of crazy things- like who could play these characters, lol! Too fun. Thank you!

RaShelle Workman – Thanx RaShelle! And thank you for the FB luv, too!

Autumn Dickinson – Thank you, Autumn! I really can't thank you enough for your support right from the beginning. You have truly shared this journey with me!

Logan Rutherford – LOL! Yes you did! I'm glad I can finally affirm your theory. As for Celestra plot lines, I'll have to let you wait those out to see if you were right. Or if in fact Skyla does end up with Logan. πŸ˜‰ HUGE thank you for your continued support!

AddisonMoore says January 16, 2012

Mary Khoshi – I can't thank you enough, Mary. I really want you to know how much I appreciate your support. BIG thank you for the FB/ twitter luv and I'm just speechless at the kind words you have about my writing. ~Thank you~ again.

haleyeliseread – Haley, I feel exactly that way. Thank you!!!!

J.A. Templeton – Yes! Walking on air is right! And the air is sweeter, too. Thank you!

Brandon Alston _ Thank you so much Brandon! I always enjoy hearing from you! Thanx for the tweets and please stop by again. It's really nice to see you around!

lisanowak – TY Lisa! Ack! Too exciting!!

AddisonMoore says January 16, 2012

ShawnaLeAnn – TY!!!! And I totally agree, freaking amazing. I'm still humbled and stunned. *crosses fingers* that we'll be watching it soon!

Heather – Thanx girl! I'm just relieved I don't have to wait another day to share it. =)

Jaclyn Beith – Thank you, Jaclyn! It's been quite a ride right from the beginning. I, for one, am thrilled that miracles still happen.

darkrose – Huge, massive, enormous thank you~! I appreciate your enthusiasm!

Konstanz Silverbow – Thank you! I can't wait to share more news as I hear it!! I'm looking forward to an awesome adventure.

Loree Huebner says January 16, 2012

A big congratulations on your success! How very awesome for you! Well done!

Tamie says January 16, 2012

Epic!!!!!!!!!!! Word escape how happy I am for you…. And it will be a show I will actually fight tooth and nail for my town to show!!!! Or I will buy foxtel or austar (never thought I would say thoses words).
Again mate Congratulations. They picked the best story.

Karen Amanda Hooper says January 16, 2012

Holy celestial cupcakes!

πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

*happy dances for you*


Huge congrats, Addison! I'm so happy/thrilled/excited for you.


Alyssia says January 16, 2012

Holy pa-tooty, Addison, what a rush! Seriously, I sat here grinning ear to ear while reading this amazing news. A huge, HUUUUUGE congratulations to you and the success of your wonderful novels. I feel kind of special; I purchased the first, when the second was just a work in progress. Ta-daaaa! πŸ™‚

Shannon Duffy says January 16, 2012

OMG! Totally not surprised, but sooo happy for you! Well..and for me, and everyone who gets to watch it! Yay! Congrats, Addison, that's so awesome!!

MaryC says January 16, 2012

How totally awesome and well-deserved. I'm so happy for you!

Tori.B says January 16, 2012

I seriously started screaming as soon a I saw the 20th century fox image!


Marshall in TV…that's is so AWESOME! -is still totally obsessed with Marshall, even ask her friends…on second thought, you might not want to-

I am looking forward to this now and i hope they hurry up with it! I can't stand the excitement!!

and congratulations! You and the books totally deserve this!

G. P. Ching says January 16, 2012

SWEET! What well deserved and amazing news! Congratulations!

Susan Kaye Quinn says January 16, 2012

OMG Addison!!! That is so beyond awesomely cool!! So excited for you!!

The Chameleon says January 16, 2012

That is amazing!!!! Congratulations!!!! All your hardwork and dedication clearly paid off and you're definitely getting what you and the characters deserve!! Absolutely fantastic!!

Krista B. says January 16, 2012

Congrats!! This is such amazing news for you (and for us!!!) – I've always had an imaginary movie reel going in my head while reading these books – so it will be great to see how someone "Hollywood" interprets the books and puts them on the screen – I can't wait! Hooray for you!!

Kelly Hashway says January 16, 2012

Congratulations!!! That's amazing news!

Emily says January 16, 2012

That's wonderful news! I will most definitely give this tv series a shot…love the books!!!!!!!

A. McBay says January 16, 2012

Omigosh! Amazing! Congrats! The books are wonderful, and deserves to be seen on screen as well!

TammCramer says January 16, 2012

Congrats! What wonderful news! So excited to get to enjoy these books again on television. This has been my favorite series to read! No matter what I am reading when a new book comes out, I stop to read that one. Hoping the tv can come close to being as good as the books are.

Ann Herrick says January 16, 2012

What amazing news! Congratulations!

Jessie Harrell says January 16, 2012

OMG Addison! Congrats – that's like a dream come true. So happy for you.

Ang says January 16, 2012

So awesome! Couldn't be happier for you, and myself! haha. Because I'm going to be able to watch it!!!! Best news ever!

Elle Strauss says January 16, 2012

Truly amazing! Would love t hear the behind the scenes story someday, on how you got here. So happy to be able to celebrate with you!

Unknown says January 16, 2012

CONGRATS, Addison! I'm not surprised — the series is brilliant! Oh please oh please make sure that someone blonde and fabulous plays Skyla! <3 Can't wait!

franklycreative says January 16, 2012

Congratulations! That's awesome.

Heather Sunseri says January 16, 2012

Holy COW, I'm so excited for you!!! You are amazing!!

Katie Ganshert says January 16, 2012

Oh. My. Goodness.

Did you ever IMAGINE this would happen when you self-pubbed that first novel?

So what does this mean?? What are the chances that it will actually be a show? How long do you have to wait? Do you have any input at all? I can't wait to hear more!


sharrel57 says January 16, 2012

I'm extremely excited about the series. I just hope the studio execs remain true to the books. T Vampire Diaries, The Secret Circle and especially True Blood have strayed so far from the books the only thing they have in common is the title and character names. Every now and then something seems familiar but then goes off track.

Seagull says January 16, 2012

WOW! THAT is AWESOME! I can't wait to see the TV Series! Any chance of them doing a Movie in 3D? I'd LOVE to see Skyla, Gage and Logan fighting the Fems in 3D! Any chance of a contest so the fans could see the filming?? (Just a thought)! πŸ™‚

Wendy Paine Miller says January 16, 2012


(And how am I not following this blog? Oh, I think I know how I got tripped up, but anyway, I'm here now. Got wind and had to show up w/ my big Woot Woot).

Your characters are going to Hollywood!

Lady, you know I'm over the moon about this (and a little jealous, but I'll squash that bad boy and let the over the moon part shine brighter).

~ Wendy

Susan Oloier says January 16, 2012

That is so beyond wonderful! Congrats.

Claudia Lefeve says January 16, 2012

Congrats! I know you are thrilled from here to eternity!! Way to go Skyla and the gang!! πŸ™‚

Courtney Walsh says January 16, 2012

Absolutely a writer's dream come true!!! Congratulations!!! πŸ™‚

Connie Keller says January 16, 2012

Congratulations!!! Be sure to celebrate!

AddisonMoore says January 17, 2012

Loree Huebner – Loree!!!! Thank you for squeeing with me!! =)

Tamie – thank you so much Tamie! I thought it was rather epic myself πŸ˜‰ And I hope it does show in your town!

Karen Amanda Hooper – LOL I love the celestial cupcake part, serious yum TY!

Alyssia – Aw, thank you! I felt the same way and I'm still in disbelief. Yes, what a rush.

Shannon Duffy – That's so nice of you to say. I was totally surprised, lol! I can't wait.

AddisonMoore says January 17, 2012

MaryC – You're sweet. Not sure about it totally being deserved but I'll take it. πŸ˜‰

Tori.B – I LOVE your enthusiasm!!!!!!! BTW, I may have screamed a little, too.

G. P. Ching – Thank you! I was dying to share!!!

Susan Kaye Quinn – 'beyond awesomely cool' my sentiments exactly. πŸ˜‰

The Chameleon – Thank you! I can't wait to see how the characters translate on the screen *here's hoping*

AddisonMoore says January 17, 2012

Krista B. – That's how I feel when I write! I really need it to play out in my mind so I can write it.

Kelly Hashway Thank you, Kelly! I'm thrilled to finally get to share it!

Emily – Thank you, Emily! Much appreciated. πŸ™‚

A. McBay – TY! I really cannot wait to see the interpretation of books!

TammCramer – Super huge thank you for the kind words about my writing! I hope all goes well and we both get tot see it!

AddisonMoore says January 17, 2012

Ann Herrick – I feel the same. So glad I could share this with you!

Jessie Harrell – It is, totally. Every writers dream. =)

Ang – Yay! I'm glad you feel that way. TY!

Elle Strauss – And I'd love to share. Thanx Elle!

Unknown – Thank you! And I'm sure someone fabulous will play them all. I'm truly humbled. πŸ˜‰

AddisonMoore says January 17, 2012

franklycreative – Thank you! Can't wait to share the rest of the journey!

Heather Sunseri – Thank you Heather!!! I'm beyond~ thrilled.

Katie Ganshert – Who could ever imagine??? Thank you girl!

sharrel57 – I guess I don't have that big of a say, but it will certainly be interesting to find out! TY!

Seagull – LOL about the 3-D= awesome.

Donna K. Weaver says January 17, 2012

Congratulations! How many rights to the story do you get to keep? Is it going to look anything like your book when they're done with it?

AddisonMoore says January 17, 2012

Wendy Paine Miller – SO over the moon. πŸ˜‰ I heart you so.

Susan Oloier – Thank you, Susan! I'll try to give details as I get them!

Claudia Lefeve – I'm totally thrilled from here to eternity. Now if I can only get Skyla's head out of the clouds. πŸ˜‰

Courtney Walsh – Thanx Courtney! Absolutely every writers dream. I'm humbled.

Connie Keller – Thanx Connie! I haven't stopped celebrating for months. My husband might wish I would stop just a little, lol!

Fuzzyslippers says January 17, 2012

This is AMAZING news!!! I knew it would be something awesome like this!!! I read your blog last night and just started smiling and giggling and my husband thought I was insane!! You def. deserve this, and I can't wait to see Paragon come to life!!

Krista Phillips says January 17, 2012

Amazing news!!!!! Congrats!!!

Tamara Rose Blodgett says January 17, 2012

That's TERRIFIC news! Good for you =D I couldn't be more pleased for you!!!

Little Miss Priss says January 17, 2012

How on Earth did you keep that a secret?!?! This is absolutely wonderful news! You have my heartfelt congratulations!

Cindy M Hogan says January 17, 2012

No better news, ever!

Keli Gwyn says January 17, 2012

Congratulations!!! I'd say more, but words fail me. There aren't enough superlatives to adequately express my excitement. Sooo happy for you. =D

Amy Jones says January 17, 2012

Oh, Addison! I am soooooo happy for you. I can't wait to watch! This is sooooo exciting! Let us know the casting details, ect… when you learn more! πŸ™‚

ali cross says January 17, 2012

Ahhh!!!!!! Congratulations Addison!!!

Danetra says January 17, 2012

Congratulations Addison! I am so excited for you and so happy you are finally able to share this news with us.

Erin says January 17, 2012

Congratulations, Addison! What an amazing thing to have happen!

PJ Hoover says January 17, 2012

WHOO HOO!!!! This is thrilling, thrilling news, and I am so happy for you!!!!!

A Tale of Many Reviews says January 17, 2012

Congratulations! So happy for the praise and recognition books are getting.

AddisonMoore says January 17, 2012

Fuzzyslippers – Thank you! I cannot wait to see Paragon myself. πŸ™‚ And, BTW, you weren't alone in your giggling, I was right there with you! Thanks for sharing in my good news.

Krista Phillips – Oh Krista, how I've missed you! I hope all is well in your world. Amazing is just the tip of the iceberg.

Tamara Rose Blodgett – Thank you so much Tamara! I really did have a terrible time keeping it under wraps!

Little Miss Priss – It was an impossible effort! lol. Thank you!

Cindy M Hogan – Seriously, right?? Thank you so much for stopping by!

AddisonMoore says January 17, 2012

Keli Gwyn – Hi Kelly! I still have that sign you gave me and love how it speaks to me. Thank you so very much for stopping by and sharing in my special day.

Amy Jones – Hi Amy! I cannot thank you enough for your continued support. I love that we're in this together. πŸ™‚ I'm so thrilled you stopped by!! TY!

Ali cross – I know, right??? aahhh!

Danetra – Hi girl! *waves* I am super thrilled and relieved to finally spill. I'm so glad I can share it with you! YAY!!!

Erin – Thank you! My sentiments exactly!

AddisonMoore says January 17, 2012

PJ Hoover – Thank you girl!!!! And thank you for all the cyber shout outs. Much appreciated!!!

A Tale of Many Reviews – Thank you! I'm thrilled that indie authors have a chance just like everyone else. Thank you so much for sharing in my happy news!!! πŸ™‚

buchols says January 17, 2012

That's great Addison! I've reread all the books twice now and am eagerly awaiting #6. To hear the characters are going to come to life on TV is even better!!! Congratulations!!! πŸ˜€

Rasberryswrlgirl says January 17, 2012

That is fantastic new! I am very excited for you and can't wait to see the results. Also can't wait for the next book!

AddisonMoore says January 17, 2012

buchols – Thank you! I have my fingers and toes crossed that all will run smoothly. I'm enjoying the ride either way. πŸ˜‰

Rasberryswrlgirl – Thanx!!! EXPEL is going well, still plugging away at edits. I made the job twice as hard by making the book twice as big.

Cheri22 says January 18, 2012

congrats to you Addison on your amazing news! You can count on me to be sitting and watching every week!!!

Stina Lindenblatt says January 18, 2012

Congrats on the HUGE news!!!!

AddisonMoore says January 18, 2012

Cheri22 – Hi Cheri! Thank you so much! I'll be right there in spirit watching right alongside you! *hopes it all goes off without a hitch*

Stina Lindenblatt – Stina!!! I'm so excited to finally be able to share. Thank you!

Beautiful Greetings says January 18, 2012

Absolutely amazing news for an amazing story! I will be watching for sure!

Erica Vetsch says January 18, 2012

That is wonderful news! I'm celebrating with you!!!!

AddisonMoore says January 19, 2012

Beautiful Greetings – Thank you SO much! I cannot wait to see how this all unfolds. Hopefully, well, right? πŸ˜‰

Erica Vetsch – Erica!!! Thank you for celebrating with me. I so appreciate your support.

Amber J. says January 19, 2012

Well, it's good to see my super sleuth powers haven't failed me yet lol; I think I called it back in early November. Now, if only I could figure out what happens to Logan, Gage, and the Skylas in the beginning of EXPEL lol, hmm…

We've been holding our breath for months, waiting for the "epic news", so it feels good to finally exhale lol. I heard that there's another popular Angel/Nephilim series that's been optioned, but the Celestra Series is so much better than all other YA PNR so I hope it hits the airwaves by the Fall.

I can't even imagine what it feels like to have an island and cast of characters you created on your own, turn into a book series loved by thousands, and now a show that will be watched by millions.

Congratulations to you, your agent, and your family! You're truly blessed, Addison Moore πŸ™‚

cjenifer says January 19, 2012

Congratulations that is Awesome. You soooo deserve it. Your books are incredable. I lost lots and lots of sleep over them.;) You truly deserve this and can not wait to see the shows.

P.T. Michelle says January 20, 2012

Woohoo, Addison! Congratulations to you. What wonderful news and I'm glad you were finally able to share it. πŸ™‚

Very happy for you!

P.T. Michelle

AddisonMoore says January 20, 2012

Amber J. Thank you! I'm so happy to share with you. All those moths of hints, and hoping to share, finally came to fruition. I do feel blessed. Well put!

cjenifer – Oh thank you! And lol about the lost sleep. I lose sleep over them, well, nightly. πŸ˜‰

P.T. Michelle – Thanks girl! I'm thrilled to share it. I hope all goes well.

MariahLeah says January 21, 2012

I am beyond happy about this! I finished all 5 books in a matter of 1 week! I love them! When is Expel coming out? And when is the show supposed to air? I will definitely be addicted to the show and will watch non stop! Keep makin these books! They're wonderful!

crystalf says January 22, 2012

Can not wait to watch this! I read all 5 books in a matter of days and can't wait for the next one. Congrats!!

AddisonMoore says January 22, 2012

MariahLeah – SUPER BIG thank you for the book love! I'm so glad you loved the books enough to move onto the next in the series in such rapid succession! I don't have any info on the series, but when it comes I'll be putting it out. I hope you'll drop by my FB page and check out my Tuesday teasers of EXPEL and EPHEMERAL. I hope you enjoy them!

AddisonMoore says January 22, 2012

crystalf – Ack I love hearing that! You are another one of my super readers! That impresses the heck out me. I'm humbled you spent time in Paragon. Thank you! I hope you'll pop in more often and please check out the teasers on my FB page for EXPEl and EPHEMERAL. The link to my FB is on the sidebar. Thanks again!

KC Renae says January 24, 2012

OH WOW! This is the most awesome news EVER! You deserve it! This would make a WONDERFUL TV series. Congrats Addison Moore!!!

AddisonMoore says January 24, 2012

KC Renae – Hi KC! I love the excitement in your comment! Thank you for the Celestra love. I really appreciate it. πŸ™‚

ciara says January 24, 2012

hi!!!!!!!!!!!!! i just wanted to know when your new book expel will be out i have told all my friends to read your books too.
thank you

AddisonMoore says January 24, 2012

Ciara – Thank you so much for the shout out to your friends!!!! I can't tell you how much I appreciate word of mouth. EXPEL is in edits. I wrote it a little longer than VEX so it qualifies for the biggest book of the series and it also translates into way more edits. But, edits are going smoothly so far! I'm hopeful for another month or so. πŸ™‚ Have you checked out the EXPEL/ EPHEMERAL teasers on FB yet? There's a link to my FB page here on the left if you're interested. Thank you for stopping by and please encourage your friends to stop by as well!

Amanda Vega says January 25, 2012

So exciting! I can't wait to see Skyla in action. Congrats it is well deserved.

AddisonMoore says January 26, 2012

Amanda Vega – Thank you! I can't wait to see Skyla and the boys getting in trouble on the island. I'm very much looking forward to the adventure. I'll keep the blog posted with details. Thank you for reading the books Amanda!

3Willows Photography says January 26, 2012

This SOOOO is awesome! I just hope they stay true to the characters!!! And they capture Gage's eyes correctly!! I will deff be tuning in… I just hope they do not make the same mistakes they did when they make other books into movies / and TV series… Keep them in Check Addison!! Please!

AddisonMoore says January 27, 2012

3Willows Photography – Thank you! I think it's pretty awesome, too. πŸ˜‰ LOL about capturing Gage's eyes correctly. I honestly would love to be a fly on the wall during that casting call!

Heather B says January 29, 2012

Hey Addison I'm SO excited about the T.V series. I was given a kindle 4 christmas and I started reading your books. I was blown away. Yeah I cant wait to see who they cast 4 Gage and also Logan. But i have one question will it be coming to Australian TV? cause i reeeeally wanna see it!!! And i cant wait to read expel, the way you ended vex was heaps good and now i wanna read more!!!!

AddisonMoore says January 30, 2012

Heather B – Thank you! And thank you for taking a chance on my books with your brand new Kindle! Congrats on that. I swear, my e-reader is the best device I ever received.

I'm dying to see who they cast as well. It will be interesting. I'm really hoping to be there when they do, I'd love to sit and watch a steady stream of Gage, or Logan lookalikes trying out for the part.

As for where it will air, I have no clue. But hopefully one day when and if it does, it will be near you! And if not, I guess there's always the internet. πŸ˜‰ Thank you again for reading my books! Check out my Tuesday teasers over at FB if you like. The link is here to the left. Enjoy!

reklaw0329 says January 31, 2012

This is really fantastic news, except we have no tv πŸ™ I guess I'll have to keep reading and hope for Netflix streaming on my PC πŸ˜‰ Congratulations!

Heather B says January 31, 2012

Yeah i have read the tuesday teasers. Cant get enough of them !!!! And yeah i will most certainly watch them on the internet if it doesn't air here πŸ™‚ i hope it does though!

AddisonMoore says January 31, 2012

reklaw0329 – Thank you! And, yes, the Internet!

AddisonMoore says January 31, 2012

Heather B – Oh, good! I'm glad you're enjoying the teasers. And I hope it airs there, too.

QueendSheena says February 19, 2012

I'm happy for you. I've added this post to my own blog.

AddisonMoore says February 24, 2012

QueendSheena – Oh thank you! I'm going to check out your blog! Thank you so much for spreading the word. πŸ™‚

GroundedSouls says March 10, 2012

Oh that's is so awesome! I some how missed this news. I knew the minute I read the first book I thought it should be a tv series.

AddisonMoore says March 10, 2012

GroundedSouls – Wow, thank you! I'm pretty thrilled. I hope to see it come to fruition soon!

FallSpice says March 26, 2012

I'm not a young adult anymore, but I really enjoyed this series. I can't wait to see what the movie or TV series will be like. I just downloaded the 6th book and will be reading it starting today on my lunch. :0)

AddisonMoore says March 28, 2012

FallSpice – Aw, thank you! As soon as I get any news on the Fox front I will report back and tell all. I really hope you'll enjoy EXPEL!!! Thank you so much for reading!

Racheliswicked says March 28, 2012

I must give a huuuuge "thank you" to you, Addison Moore. Your books give me something to look forward to in the realm of literary pleasures. I fell in love with the characters instantly and I am stoked to be able to watch them unfold on T.V. That said, I would love to see Liam Hemsworth (with his dark hair that he had in The Hunger Games) as Gage and Chord Overstreet as Logan. Yummy!! And I would love to play Chloe hahaha She's so rotten!

AddisonMoore says April 2, 2012

Racheliswicked – Thank you!!!! And I LOVE your casting abilities!!! Yes, Liam and Chord are yummy. And LOL about Chloe! I know, right? She'd be the funnest to play because her wickedness knows no bounds. <— really it doesn't. πŸ˜‰

Tori says April 18, 2012


AddisonMoore says April 18, 2012

Tori -TY! So am I! I'm going to dig around for info and see where they're at. I seriously need to see the real life Logan and Gage!!

Andrea @The Bookish Babes says April 20, 2012

Awesome news. Congratulations!!

AddisonMoore says April 25, 2012

Andrea @The Bookish Babes – Thank you Andrea!! I'm super excited!

Anne Sugden says August 25, 2012

Congratulations!! that is so exciting, cnt wait to see who plays the parts!

claire saints says August 30, 2012

congratulations! i will definitely watch out for the Ethereal series πŸ™‚

Ge Marquez says October 21, 2012


phoebekatedinamling says November 9, 2012

OMG! For real?! Congratulations Addison! Imma be waiting for it.

Misty Thornhill says January 15, 2013

Have you heard anymore about the tv series? Just curious πŸ™‚

Ashley Dale says February 11, 2013

Love these books when will the last book of the Celestra series called Elysian be coming out on kindle? It says 2013 but no date and can't wait for the tv series it will be amazing!

teddym1305 says February 12, 2013

Yup, I'm going to Hollywood and working on this movie when I graduate, help it come to life if I can! I LOVE THESE BOOKS. It would be my dream

teddym1305 says February 12, 2013

Yup, going to Hollywood after i Graduate to make this happen… I will help get this on the road in anyway I can- working on this film would be a DREAM!

Mrs Batman says March 25, 2013

Are there any further developments on this?? I so can't wait!

avalon3 says August 28, 2013

OMG! So exited! When will it come out?

avalon3 says August 28, 2013

OMG! So exited! When will it come out?

crystal s says October 7, 2013

Is this still in the works? I ahvent heard of any updates in quite a while. I hope so.

jessamyn yvette aguillon says May 12, 2014

Gosh I sooo Love this Book! Can't wait to see this on television!


Crystal Miller says June 20, 2014

Addison, Any new news on the TV Series? No Updates about it in quite a while…

jacalyn hutchison says July 19, 2015

That is awesome! Congrats can't wait t see it.

Lora says October 16, 2015

Hi Addison, I am seriously keeping my fingers crossed that 20th Century Fox will bring "Celestra" to life on the small screen or even to the big screen (however, I'd hope for at least a 6-8 part I first ordered(for free)"Ethereal" and "Tremble" for my Kindle a few years ago. After reading the 1st 2 books, I was so grateful that a lot of the series had already been published. I got through what was available in a very short time. Every free moment went to "Celestra" I felt bad for my hubby and fur-babies, but they made it πŸ™‚ I seriously would love to see Skyla, Logan & Gage, all of my favorite characters and even not so favorites. Also, I'd love to see "Paragon" come to life! In the meantime, I just purchase "Season of the Witch" and anxiously await "Serpentine Butterfly" IMHO, if 'Celestra" were to make it on the small screen, there would be so many viewers, it would never be missed by current fans of the books and all new fans. The owner(s) of the film rights would make a ton of $$, everyone would want official merchandise, plus you've wrote enough in the series for the show to run for many years πŸ™‚ I will still stay positive that someone out there sees just how much of a benefit this would be for everyone involved~ Much love and best wishes~

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