Pick up Bitter Exes Today! – Addison Moore

Pick up Bitter Exes Today!

Cosmopolitan Magazine calls Addison's books, “…easy, frothy fun!”

From New York Times,USA TODAY, & Wall Street Journal bestselling author, Addison Moore.

Two Strangers. Six Weeks. The social experiment says the odds are in their favor, Lane and Violet might just prove them wrong.

To say Lane Cooper simply broke my heart is letting him off easy. Our breakup was one for the ages complete with roaring shouting matches, eviscerated feelings, and the hostile exchange of belongings via our best friends. Of course I did my part in the aftermath and unfollowed him on all social media sites as the ultimate kiss off. I don’t want Lane anywhere near my radar ever again.

Violet Hathaway was the love of my life until the night we unraveled faster than a second-hand sweater. I wasn’t going to enroll in Dexter Houston’s social experiment that’s shaking up the campus but in the name of research, and given the fact my coach coerced the entire team to sign up, I’m in for whatever sin Dexter throws our way. But when my assignment consists of confronting an ex in front of a live audience I have serious regrets for ever penning my name on the dotted line. And working to reconnect for weeks afterwards? Not happening. But if Vi isn’t backing down then neither am I. And at exactly seven o’ clock in the University auditorium, Violet and I are going to get one last moment in the sun. Here’s hoping I don’t get burned. I’m still not over the first fire we walked through.